Welcome to Electronic Thinking!

Looking for a no-nonsense way to gain real technical skills in electronics and electrical engineering with no committment required and no need to apply for financial aid or mortgage your house to afford the training?


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Here's why this online training progam is important:

  • By improving yourself with new skills and understanding that are in demand, you will be able to get a better job.
  • You will learn how to demonstrate exactly what you can do in an interview so that an employer no longer has to guess. This can be very powerful and don’t be surprised if you get hired immediately.
  • You learn real, practical skills in electronics that you can use for the rest of your life. The focus is on developing these skills for the long term instead of how most schools teach just to get through the next test.
  • You then build on your skills and learn how they work together and when is it appropriate to use one or another. Schools don’t teach problem solving, they tend to teach techniques sometimes even with no understanding that are then used for a short while to get through a particular chapter. The next chapter loses that momentum and the end result is that most students leave a traditional school barely remembering what was just learned.
  • You are never left wondering why a subject needs to be learned because the explanation will relate the subject to something that is useful. If a skill needs to be developed first then the end result will be shown so that you know how it will eventually be used.
  • You learn everything in a step by step manner that leaves plenty of room for you to experiment on your own.
  • You can provide feedback that will be used to improve the online course. One of the greatest benefits of the structure of this program is that any content can be changed even if it has already been released. This is a live, two-way electrical engineering training course.
  • By taking responsibility for your own learning and getting hands-on experience, you will be better prepared for your future high-tech job.
  • This online course offers everything you need to get started and will guide and support you.
  • You will get the same training that college degree programs provide at a fraction of the cost.
  • You have nothing to risk because of our guarantee; we will refund your last month’s payment if you are not happy. And you get to keep everything you have received.
  • You will be able to try out what you learn and get feedback right away if it works.
  • This is not a virtual class. Only the videos are viewed on your computer or iPod. The rest is hands-on.
  • You will learn how to interpret your own results. Instead of just creating a circuit with no clue why or how it works, you will understand how to modify components and values to get different results.

We are not simply a place to learn something new, or an electronics store, or a hardware store. Electronic Thinking is all of that combined in a practical way so you can actually apply our products and services to solve real problems, build your confidence, and electrical engineering skills at the same time.