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My internet stopped working again today. Actually it was my wireless connection that just disappeared. I didn't notice it right away and at first thought my connection was just slow, then maybe the video player I was watching had some bug. After checking another window, I noticed my email was not working either. Then I noticed the status icon showed no connection. Ok, no problem, I would just reconnect. Except there was no wireless access point listed. So I checked the access point and it was ok.

While answering a forum post about why most electrical outlets are in pairs, I wrote that I had always wondered why electrical outlets are placed so low to the floor. About 12 to 18 inches from the floor to the center of the outlet seems to be normal. So I decided to see if I could start a grass roots community effort to change this and improve child safety.

This is a common question for a variety of reasons:

  • You might have a good school in mind that is far from home and want to get as much school out of the way first at a nearby community college (cc).
  • Maybe you did not do very well on your SAT test and are hoping to get into a better school by getting good grades at a community college to prove that you can handle college life.
  • You might want to save money because community college classes are normally less expensive but the credits can be transferred.

You're not alone in this confusing process. You've got to think about your dependency status, deadlines, school codes, worksheets, grants, and the list just keeps going. To make matters worse, most of the help is geared towards high school students who can very easily get lost in all the steps. And if you are not a high school student, then you will have an even harder time trying to figure out what to do.

I was recently doing some research to see how other technical schools advertise their courses so I visited DeVry because that is where I attended and graduated from. All I can say is "What are they thinking?" It is so bad that I now understand why this country has a shortage of qualified and skilled engineers. While I am glad to have such poor competition in this area, I am saddened by the sloppiness in our education system. Here is a snippet from the DeVry website that describes the BSEET degree:

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